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2024 Hockey Australia National Registration Terms and Conditions

By applying to register to participate in competitions, activities or events of an Australian Hockey Association (AHO), including Hockey Australia Limited (HA), one of its Member Associations, regional associations or affiliated clubs, you (and, if you are under 18, you and your parent or legal guardian whose name and details appear in the requisite fields) acknowledge and agree that your application for membership will be considered and may be accepted or rejected in accordance with the relevant AHO's governing rules. If the AHO accepts your application, you (and, if you are under 18, you and your parent or legal guardian whose name and details appear in the requisite fields) acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You will be bound by and comply with all rules, regulations, by-laws and policies of the AHO, including the AHO's constitution and the National Integrity Framework (NIF), as amended from time to time (Rules) and directions, determinations and decisions made by the AHO and by these registration terms and conditions. The Rules and the NIF are made available from HA’s website at www.hockey.org.au/integrity or from the website of the relevant AHO.
  2. Without limiting the application of the Australian Hockey Code of Conduct or any right to terminate your membership under the AHO's governing rules, the AHO may terminate your membership registration at any time, including if your participation or behaviour interferes with any other participant's safety or enjoyment of hockey, subject to any requirements of the AHO's constitution.
  3. The information provided by you is current and correct at the time of application and will be updated by you as required within one month of any change.
  4.  The personal information that the AHO collects from you may be used and disclosed for the purposes set out in the Australian Hockey Privacy Policy available from HA’s website at www.hockey.org.au/integrity and the privacy policy of the AHO, if any, including administering and marketing competitions, activities and other events; and the provision of hockey-related information and communication from AHOs. You may opt out of your email being used for communication purposes by contacting the AHO and/or managing your communication preferences online.
  5. The AHO may use third parties (such as IT providers, venue operators or survey providers) to collect your personal information or give them your information to help run hockey, as required by law. The AHO will always act in accordance with the Australian Hockey Privacy Policy and its privacy policy, if any.
  6. You accept all risks involved in training, competing and otherwise participating in activities related to or forming part of your membership of the AHO and your registration to participate in the sport, including the risk of transmission of viral illness, including COVID-19 and you have considered that risk, including any vulnerability that you may have. You warrant that you do not have a known pre-existing medical or other condition that makes it unsafe to participate in hockey competitions, activities and other events organised, authorised or recognised by an AHO (Hockey Activities) and agree, if reasonably requested by HA or any AHO of which you are a member, to provide a certificate from a duly qualified medical practitioner certifying you are fit to participate in Hockey Activities.
  7. You consent to receive any medical treatment that an AHO reasonably considers necessary or desirable for you during your participation in Hockey Activities if you cannot make a rational decision about your consent to any medical treatment that you may require. You also agree to reimburse the relevant AHO for any costs or expenses incurred in providing you with such medical treatment.
  8. You become entitled to the level of insurance protection as detailed at www.hockey.org.au/play/registration-and-insurance. This insurance level is not intended to be comprehensive coverage, and it is recommended that you investigate applicable insurance needs and coverage in relation to participating in Hockey Activities.
  9. Subject to any requirements of the AHO's constitution, you must notify the AHO in writing if you wish to cancel your registration. Following the AHO's confirmation to you of your registration cancellation, you will have no entitlement to the benefits that attach to registered participants in Australian Hockey. Refunds will only be provided in the circumstances set out in the Hockey Australia Refund Policy.
  10. Subject to applicable Rules (including the Australian Hockey Privacy Policy), you consent to photographs and video captured, recorded and live-streamed during your participation in any Hockey Activities and to AHOs using your name, image and likeness in any form or medium for:
  1. general marketing and promotional activities related to hockey in Australia; or
  2. the administration of hockey in Australia (e.g., to assist in identifying and investigating prohibited conduct under the NIF or for use in disciplinary proceedings, including tribunal hearings),

in each case without your further consent being necessary.

  1. If you do not wish to consent to your name, image and likeness being used for general marketing and promotional activities related to hockey in Australia, please notify the relevant AHO.
  2. An AHO may apply additional terms and conditions in relation to your registration, including, but not limited to, the collection of your personal information.
  3. Where there is any overlap between these terms and conditions and additional terms applied by an AHO in accordance with clause 10, the additional terms prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

Australian Hockey Code of Conduct

Each AHO is committed to promoting and strengthening the positive image of hockey and its participants in Australia and to ensuring that everyone involved with hockey is treated with respect and dignity.

The Australian Hockey Code of Conduct, available from HA’s website at www.hockey.org.au/integrity or from the website of the relevant AHO, aims to ensure that everyone involved in hockey is aware of the standards of behaviour expected of them and the mechanism for dealing with any conduct alleged to breach the Code of Conduct.

Acknowledgement of this Code of Conduct is a requirement of your registration.

Safe Hockey

Each AHO is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people involved in our sport.

Your registration is subject to the terms of the NIF Children and Young People Safeguarding Policy, including the child-safe practices and recruitment and screening requirements contained therein.

Got Something to Report?

If you see, hear or experience any suspicious or unwelcomed activity, including any misconduct relating to child safety, bullying, cheating, doping, gambling or match-fixing, report it confidentially to the Hockey Australia Integrity Unit or the Hockey Integrity Hotline.

Parent/Guardian Declaration

If the applicant for membership has not yet reached the age of 18 at the time of making this application or requires a guardian, I, the parent or guardian of the applicant, authorise and consent to the applicant undertaking the Hockey Activities. In consideration of the applicant's membership to the AHO being accepted, I expressly agree to be responsible for the applicant's behaviour and agree to accept, in my capacity as parent or guardian, the terms set out in this membership declaration. In addition, I agree to be bound by and to comply with the AHO constitution and all other rules, regulations, by-laws and policies of the AHO.

Hockey NSW

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Mosman Junior Hockey Club


MJHC Disciplinary Policy

Circumstances can arise when people associated with the Club and its activities do not meet expected standards of behaviour.

The expectations for Parents and Supporters, Players, Coaches & Officials are clearly outlined in the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy and the Respective Codes of Conduct in that document.

When breaches of the Code of Conduct occur the Club may it’s absolute discretion take action against an offending party. 

The Club Executive will investigate any complaint or issue thoroughly. The person involved is entitled to make a submission to represent their views on the matter.

If a sanction is made against any person or persons the Club will provide detail about their reasons for doing so.

The sanctions available to the Club can include, but are not limited to:

  • Issuing a warning

  • Suspending an individual for a match, matches or a season

  • Excluding parents or supporters from attending matches

  • Expelling an individual from the club

In investigating a Code of Conduct breach the Club will follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Hockey Australia, Hockey NSW and NSBHA Member Protection protocols.

If a member chooses to appeal a decsion of the Club Executive or escalate a complaint they can approach the NSBHA Member Protection Officer who will independently and confidentially investigate the issue in accordance with a specified process and polices.

MJHC Registration Policy

Registrations need to be made through the web site before the closing date. Where a player has not registered or has not paid the appropriate fees by the conclusion of selection procedures, the Club may decline to register such a player in a team. However, should the player register and pay the appropriate fees after the completion of team selection procedures, the player may be placed in a team at the discretion of the Club if an appropriate vacancy exists.

In accepting registrations the Club endeavours to provide for all players at their respective age and ability levels. In accepting registrations the Club does not warrant that it will accommodate all players. Best endeavours will be made to field teams but in some circumstances (if numbers are insufficient, coaches unavailable, no appropriate grade exists for a  player etc.) then this may not be possible.

It should be noted that volunteers such as coaches, managers, officials, and administrators have the right to refuse to work with any player, parent or other individual who exhibits present or past difficult behaviour and compromises their effectiveness or enjoyment of their volunteer role. In the circumstances that this affects the capacity of the Club to provide for its community this can result in the exclusion of players and/or families.

If the Club cannot place a player in a team or objects to any registration they will notify the Parents or Player, refund any applicable fees and notify the grounds for the omission. There is no right to appeal or contest any such decision.

Team Selection Policy

The Club makes selections for age grades and teams in good faith. It does so with the interests of players and teams in mind.

The following criteria, with relatively equal weighting, are taken into account when selecting players:

Previous Playing History Club Trials Attendance & Conduct Citizenship
  • Past playing performance and experience
  • Skills appropriate to that age group and grade
  • Includes representative record



At the time of the trials:

  • Relative playing performance to cohort
  • Fitness and athletic ability
  • Previous conduct

  • Previous attendance

  • "Coachability"


  • Contribution as an umpire or a coach

The Club will consider, but is not obligated to provide for siblings, friends or former teammates when placing an individual in a team.

The normal selection process involves 3-4 weeks of pre-season training and trial sessions leading up to the registration closing date. This involves formal and informal drills and matches. There will also be an official club trial as part of his process - attendance at this trial is not mandatory but recommended if a player is seeking selection in a high grade. These sessions along with data from any source, including previous club and representative playing history informs selections.

The Club is not obligated by this policy to conduct formal trial games. Where trials are held the club may, but is not obliged to engage an independent ‘neutral’ selector to provide feedback and assistance. Selections will still be made at the discretion of the Club executive.

Upon selection, any player is entitled to request feedback as to why they were graded as they were, but any decision made will be final and not subject to review or appeal. 

In the event that a position in a team is limited and contested (ie. Goalkeeper) or the numbers in an age group are not enough support for a team, then the Club will engage stakeholders to agree upon the process to make selections and decisions affecting the players. if stakeholders cannot agree on a mutually acceptable process then the Club Executive will have the discretion to make a decision that reflects the above selection criteria.

Comment Regarding In-Season Team Amendments

Players are sometimes required on an ad hoc basis to fill in for other teams in the same or higher age groups or grades.

These arrangements are made at the discretion of the Club Executive,  Junior Club Coordinator or through the delegated authorty of the  team coaches.

These arrangements are encouraged to be fair and equitable, buthey may take into account factors not limited to:

  • The merit of a certain player to play in a higher grade
  • Having siblings or friends in a team
  • That the player does not unduly affect the normal performance of a team (negatively or positively). 

There is no implied right for a player to play up or across, nor any obligation for this to be facilitated. Particularly:

  • If a player is deemed unsuitable to play in a higher age group that decision is final
  • This would take into consideration, but not be limited to their: age, size, skill, maturity and conduct.

Any player is entitled to request feedback as to why they have not been considered to play 'up' or across, but any decision made will be final and not subject to review or appeal. 


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