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Boomerang Hookin2Hockey - Play & Learn in North Sydney

Boomerang Junior Hockey


Starts Saturday 4th May!!

Fun – Friends – Fitness

12:30- 2pm Saturday afternoon at Forsyth Park, Neutral Bay.

  • $120 (4-13 years)
  • The cost can be offset by $50 with a NSW Active Kids voucher
  • New players try one month for free! - register HERE for 4 weeks free
  • Emphasis on fun & learning
  • Teaches children the values and benefits of team sport
  • Weekly 90-minute hockey session includes games & coaching
  • Includes Gala Days at the end of each term



Boomerang Hockey is proudly sponsored by The Yellow Spot Clinic

Welcome to Boomerang Junior Hockey

Introducing a new program for 2020, Boomerang Hockey is a local initiative that encourages juniors to play and learn hockey in a nurturing and fun environment.

Developed by Mosman Junior Hockey Club, this program draws on more than ten years of experience with novice and developing hockey players. Our experience shows that juniors enjoy participating in games with players of equal ability. Most importantly, the program balances competition, learning, fun and structure – giving kids a healthy introduction to team sport without the burden of competitiveness and expectation.

  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Bring Your Friends
  • Fun & Convenient for Parents
  • Skill development and fitness are instrumental in helping young players to gain confidence and enjoy their sport more. Juniors learn and gain these skills at different rates and the structure of the program allows them to progress at their own rate.

Introducing players to turf hockey during the term opens horizons for young players, learning to play on the different surface and giving them confidence to progress to play in Club competitions.

For parents and caregivers, the program offers convenience, it is inexpensive and you will enjoy being part of the inclusive and fun local hockey community.

Benefits of Boomerang Hockey

The format will create an outstanding environment for young players:

  • Players always play and train at their own level
  • Games will always be evenly contested and not lopsided
  • It has the structure and benefits of team sport, but it is a very social and nurturing environment
  • The majority of sessions will be local and the timing is convenient for families with Saturday morning commitments
  • The turf sessions will give the players familiarity with that venue and surface
  • We maximise the use of the outstanding coaching resources the Club has available
  • We have substantially reduced the expense

Happy & Active Hockey Kids

Mosman Hockey Club offers convenient local hockey opportunities for the kids.

The friendships formed by the children (and families!) are valuable, providing a peer group focussed on healthy and fun activity.

Forming a group or friends outside of the normal school peer group is extremely valuable, providing a social strut for confident and less-confident kids alike.

The hockey program runs year-round allowing the kids to enjoy variety, but enjoy the company of their friends.

Term 1 & 4

Indoor Hockey
Wednesday/Friday, Marie Bashir Centre, Mosman

Term 2 & 3

Boomerang Junior Hockey
Saturday 12-1.30pm, Forsyth Park, Neutral Bay


Junior turf hockey runs from March to August and accomodates all age groups. In addition excellent development and Representative opportunities exist for players from U11 upwards through Northern Sydney and Beaches Hockey Association (NSBHA).


3-Step Process to Learn & Play Hockey


1.    6-a-side hockey

  • Learn basic skills
  • Fun and safe format for ages 4-7
  • Emphasis on learning to love sport and having fun


2.    7-a-side Hockey

  • Players play in and against teams of equal ability
  • Develop skills and game awareness
  • Emphasis on fun competition


3.    Junior Grade Turf Hockey

  • U9-U17 turf competitions
  • Structured teams 
  • Mid-week training available



Q: How much is it?

A: Boomerang Hockey is the cheapest way to partcipate in hockey:

  • $100 (U9-U11) & $150 (U13) for two terms ($100 can be claimed in a NSW government active kids voucher allowing state-sponsored hockey for any family)
  • Any new player can try 4 weeks for free

Q: Do players require a uniform?

A: It's not strictly necessary, but juniors love getting into their hockey kit and feel part of the team when they have the same gear. Shin and mouth guards are compulsory to protect the players.

Q: How long does the season go for?

A: Field season goes only for T2 & T3, but most players play year-round by joining our very good Indoor Hockey Program in T4 & T1.

Q: Why play on grass? Isn't serious hockey played on turf?

A: The speed of the ball on grass is slower, forcing players to be assertive and strong on the ball. The uneven surface promotes upright trapping and passing, which gives juniors better fundamentals.

Q: Can turf players also play on the grass?

A: Any time. There is no extra expense, just turn up.

Q: Can grass players join the turf hockey?

A: Sure. Subject to available space and the rules of the competition, any player can try the turf hockey when they have reached that level of ability. If a player wants to permanently join a team they must register as a turf player.

Q: Can the younger siblings play?

A: The answer is always "Yes!" It's a great idea.

Q: My child is already a competent hockey player, is there a more competive and challenging format?

A: Our Club fields teams in the highest grades of junior hockey in every age group. Our best players represent NSW teams. We can help any player meet their playing goals in those teams. Boomerang Hockey is about fun, development and family. It will give players confidence to progress onto bigger hockey adventures.






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